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Saulire Goggle Lens - Pink


A replacement low-light Pink lens for our Saulire Goggles.

A fully polarised Category 1 Pink Lens for those low or flat light situation.

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We've all been there, the weather has changed quickly as it does in the mountains and the beautiful bluebird day you saw this morning has been replaced by clouds and flat light. Perhaps you've spent a little too long at apres and the sun has dipped behind the mountains.

Our Category 1 Pink Lens will help you get down the mountain. Letting more visible light through than our Cat 3 lenses you'll see more of the mountain in tricky conditions. If I'm taking only one spare lens out with me for a day, it's one of these.

All of our polarized lenses are made from triacetate cellulose - or TAC for short. There are 7 layers that makeup TAC lenses. The first is a polarizing layer that provides 100% polarization that absorbs glare. The second and third layer allows durability that resists harsh environments. The fourth and fifth are UV absorbing layers that absorb over 99% of ultraviolet rays. The last two layers are shock-proof layers that increase impact and scratch resistance.


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